Luis Posada Carriles’ right hand man, spills the beans

Chávez Abarca tells all! 
Terrorist plans continue from the U.S.

Cuban television broadcast a special program called “Cuba’s Reasons: The Route of Terror” featuring Salvadoran terrorist Francisco Chávez Abarca confessing that he paid $2,000 for each blast during a bombing spree against Cuba’s tourist hotels in the late 1990s.

Chávez Abarca was arrested in Venezuela on July 1, travelling on a false passport, and he was later extradited to Cuba to face charges in the bombing campaign.

During the program, he said he was hired to plant bombs by international and self-confessed terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who currently lives in the United States, where he is awaiting trial on charges he lied to federal and immigration authorities.

He also said Posada Carriles told him the hotel attacks were backed by the CIA.

The program mixed Chávez Abarca’s confession with old footage of other terrorists already arrested in the bombing campaign detailing their roles, as well as interviews with Cuban security agents and military personnel.

Chávez Abarca commented that when one of these terrorists, Raul Ernesto Cruz Leon, confessed to his crimes in Havana after being captured, he was ordered to kill his family.

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