'Attempted Coup' in Ecuador

Cuba Rejects Coup Attempt in Ecuador and Supports President Rafael Correa

Rafael Correa (with microphone), addresses his supporters from the balcony of the government palace in Quito after the coup attempt. 
Photograph: Pato Realpe/EPA
Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla read a declaration from the Government of the Republic of Cuba strongly condemning the coup attempt in Ecuador and expressing the island’s support of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on Thursday afternoon.

The text reads that Cuba expects that the Ecuadorian Armed Forces will respect and observe the Constitution of their country and that they will guarantee the inviolability of the democratically elected president, Rafael Correa, and democracy.

The statement also challenges the government of the United States to condemn the coup attempt noting that, until now, the spokesman of the State Department has only said that the US “is closely following the situation.”
The statement of support says that events like this only serve foreign interests like the U.S. interventionist policies in the region, and obstruct independent processes in an attempt to silence the voice of Ecuador and its President.

The declaration concludes saying that Cuba already warned that the impunity enjoyed by coup d’état perpetrators in Honduras, with the participation of U.S. power circles, opened a new era of coup d’états and military dictatorships in the region.

Cuban Revolution Leader Fidel Castro also published written reflections, entitled "Unbelievable News”, in which he quoted the denunciations of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and Bolivian President Evo Morales of the attempted coup. Fidel wrote, ¨ President Rafael Correa is firm and unyielding.

The people are much more organized. In my opinion the coup is already lost.

Even Obama and Mrs. Clinton will have no other alternative than to condemn it.¨