Peace Boat Arrived in Havana

"Learn from Past Wars to Build a Future of Peace"

A solidarity brigade comprised of almost one thousand Japanese activists arrived in Havana on Tuesday on board the Peace Boat as part of a trip around several countries to strengthen bonds of friendship and solidarity.

This 14th visit of the Japanese ship to Cuba coincides with International Peace Day, established in 2001 by the UN General Assembly.

During their stay in Havana, the visitors will tour places where important health, sports, cultural and production projects are being carried out. They will also visit the Tarara International Camp in East Havana where they will learn about a Cuban program to treat thousands of children who were victims of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.

Under the slogan "Learn from Past Wars to Build a Future of Peace," the Japanese Peace Boat NGO has organized international sea voyages twice a year since 1983, with the purpose of promoting peaceful solutions to world problems.

Since 1990, the Peace Boat has included Cuba among its destinations, which has favoured direct contacts of university students from Japan and other nations with Cuban organizations and institutions and with the population.

The ship has visited some 100 countries and the project has involved over 30,000 people in its global educational programs, aimed at promoting peace and positive social and political changes in the world, and at contributing to spread a culture of respect for the environment.

The previous stay of the ship in Havana, in 2009, was dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and to the 80 anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuban and Japan.

The Peace Boat will leave Havana on Tuesday afternoon heading for Jamaica. They will also visit Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama and Mexico before going back to Japan.

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