Social Forum Calls for Redoubling the Struggle for People’s Sovereignty

The Fourth Social Forum of the Americas called on the movements, the organizations and social networks of the continent to redouble the struggle for our people’s sovereignty.

The event’s sessions concluded with a mass activity with the participation of Presidents Evo Morales (Bolivia), Fernando Lugo (Paraguay) and Jose Mujica (Uruguay). Over 10,000 participants from Latin America and Europe attended the event, reported Prensa Latina news agency.

Paraguay’s president welcomed the presidents of Bolivia and Uruguay in Asunción.

Lugo called on the Paraguayans to bet on the future and multiply wills, and gave a balance of the first two years of his term in office.

Meanwhile, Mujica condemned the process of western democracy which has been imposed to the world, with an aggressive civilization which intends to be the only one possible on earth.

According to ANSA, Morales said during his address that the united and organized peoples are way stronger that any State in the world, "and that was already proved in various countries of the region." He added that the US military bases in South America are working against integration in the region.

In the final declaration, the assembly warns of the accelerated articulation of the right wing to stop any process of change in Our America. It also denounced the illegitimacy of the President of Honduras, Portfilio Lobo, and expressed its solidarity with the people of Haiti.


Previously, Lugo, Mujica and Morales had agreed on advances regarding physical and energy integration, and fixed a new meeting, in Montevideo, which will be based on the topic of gas and electricity as a priority, said DPA.

The three nations are part of the URAPABOL block, founded in 1963, but never developed and it was only reactivated by President Morales last year.

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