Castro Invites Mexican Presidential Candidate to Fight Nukes

Fidel Castro has suggested to leftist Mexican presidential candidate Andrés López Obrador in his latest commentary that he join the "struggle" to prevent the United States from unleashing a nuclear war.

"His contribution (that of López Obrador) to the struggle to prevent (U.S.) President Barack Obama from unleashing that war will be of great value," Castro said in the latest of his "Reflections," entitled "El gigante de las siete leguas. Primera parte" (The seven-league giant. Part one.)

In Castro's opinion, López Obrador – whom he says he doesn't know personally – "will be the person with the most moral and political authority in Mexico when the system collapses and, with it, the empire."

López Obrador recently announced that he plans to make another run for Mexico's presidency in 2012, after he was defeated by a razor-thin margin in 2006 by Felipe Calderon.

"The empire did not allow him to assume the office" in Mexico, Castro said, referring to the 2006 election.

The former Cuban president devoted his new piece to the book by López Obrador entitled "La mafia que se adueñó de México y el 2012" (The mafia that took over Mexico and 2012) in an extensive article taking up 2½ pages of the official daily Granma's typical eight-page spread and which in large part reproduces verbatim complete paragraphs from that work.

"His book is a courageous and irrefutable denunciation of the mafia that took control of Mexico," said the former Cuban president, who nevertheless added that López Obrador's book lacks a discussion of certain issues like climate change or the imminent risk of a nuclear war.

It also does not mention, Castro said, "the fact that in the United States a colossal drug market has been created and its military industry supplies the most sophisticated weapons that have turned Mexico into the first victim of a bloody war in which already every year more than 5,000 Mexican youths are dying."

Elsewhere in his article, the former Cuban leader said that he shares the opinion of López Obrador about Mexican magnate Carlos Slim whom Castro calls "an intelligent man who knows all the secrets of the markets and mechanisms of the capitalist system."

Without specifying any dates, Castro says that Slim always visited him whenever he travelled to Mexico and even once in Cuba and that the Mexican presented him with a modern television that the former Cuban president kept in his home "until just about a year ago."

"He didn't do it with the intention of bribing me. And I never asked him for any favors," Castro said.

Fidel, who turned 84 on Friday, recently has returned to the public scene after a lengthy convalescence from the illness.

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