Cuba marks 50th Anniversary of Women’s Organization

President Raúl Castro presided over a cultural-political gala to mark the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Women’s Federation (FMC) on Monday at the Universal Hall of the Ministry of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces in Havana.

Also present was the FMC’s General Secretary, Yolanda Ferrer, who reiterated the Cuban women’s decision to unconditionally support the Revolution and to continue fighting for women’s equality and full social integration.

The gala also served to pay tribute to late Vilma Espin, founder and former president of the FMC.
The First Vice President of the councils of State and Ministers, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, congratulated all Cuban women on the occasion of this anniversary and praised the FMC’s decisive contribution to the national process of transformation.

He noted that women account for 46.7% of the labor force in the state civil sector and also 65.1% of the professional and technical labor force.

“We have to continue fighting discrimination against women and for their full integration into society. It is a common battle for women and men in which the FMC will always have the support of the Cuban Communist Party,” he added.

The gala closed with a concert by the Camerata Romeu, an all-women musical group founded 15 years ago by Zenaida Romeu, the first woman who graduated from the Higher Institute of Arts as an orchestra director.

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