215 million children are still trapped in child labour

The World Employment Crisis: the focus of Cuban Labor Minister in Geneva

Cuban Minister of Labor and Social Security, Margarita Marlene Gonzalez, spoke on Tuesday in Geneva about the world employment crisis effects on people around the world and its catastrophic consequences for development. During her address to participants in the 99th conference of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the Cuban official analyzed the unemployment and the incredible budget cuts in social assistance and security entails. She said that fifty five percent of people live in conditions of extreme poverty; 215 million children are still trapped in child labor, and several countries suffer the hardship caused by environmental degradation and climate change.
The minister said that the rich are responsible for the world crisis the planet is currently facing, and underlined the importance of comprehensively analyzing themes related to labor law, social protection and employment. She said that development and social justice will not be achieved without changing the obsolete structures of the current political order and the unfair international economic order currently in force, and without the fulfillment of the commitments to development aid.

While referring to the Caribbean island, Gonzalez recalled that half a century after the triumph of the Revolution, the Cuban people continue to suffer a criminal economic, commercial and financial blockade, media attacks and political manipulations. Prior to this, the Cuban minister spoke during the meeting of labor ministers of the Movement of Non-Aligned Countries, present in the ILO conference.

She said that the Committee on Freedom of Association, the Commission of Experts in the Implementation of Agreements and Recommendations and the Administration Council itself, are some of the organizations that need to be reformed at the very heart of the ILO.

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