Cuba Elected Vice President of UN Human Rights Council

 Cuban ambassador Rodolfo Reyes Rodriguez was elected on Monday as vice president of the United Nations Human Rights Council.

“The election of Cuba to this important post recognizes the exemplary work of the Cuban Revolution in favor of the human rights of its people and the world,” reads a statement issued by the island’s embassy in Geneva.
“It also shows respect for Cuba’s active and committed work as founding member of the UN Human Rights Council in defense of truth and justice and for its leadership in favor of the noblest causes,” the note adds.
“This election is a strong response of the international community to the brutal anti-Cuba media and political campaign of recent months,” the text points out.
“Cuba will significantly contribute to this task based on its experience as a member of this body and as a member of the former Human Rights Commission,” the statement notes.
Reyes, who will hold a Vice Chair representing the Latin American and Caribbean Group, will be a member of the Executive Board of the Council until June 2011.
The ambassador of Thailand, Sihasak Phuangketkeow, was elected as President of the Council for the same period.