Cuba Rejects US Accusations of Human Trafficking

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, (MINREX) rejected the arguments of a disrespectful report of U.S. State Department on human trafficking and the inclusion of the Caribbean nation in the worst of its categories.

A statement of the director for North America of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Josefina Vidal, described that report as shameful slander that deeply offended the Cuban people.

In Cuba there is no sexual trafficking of minors, but an outstanding performance on the protection of children, youth and women, "said Vidal

Cuba does not qualify as country of origin, transit, or destination of this plague, affirmed the official.

Legislation and measures taken on this matter places us among the countries of the region with more advanced standards and mechanisms to prevent and combat human trafficking, said Vidal.

This can only be explained by the desperate need of Washington has to justify, at all costs, the persistence of his cruel policy of economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed on the Cuban people for almost half a century, which is overwhelmingly repudiated by the international community.