Fifteen Years Too Many

 In the early hours of this morning activists from the Christchurch Cuba Friendship Society swathed Hagley Park in Yellow Robbins  to mark the 15th anniversary of the imprisonment of the Cuban Five.

Spokesman for the group, Warren Brewer,  said in a media release that the ribbons are part of an international campaign to publicly raise  the demand to for the return anti-terrorist fights, imprisoned for years in the U.S., to their homes and families.

Their only crime was to investigate and report on the activities of terrorist groups based in Miami. These groups have been responsible for bombing a Cuban airliner and Cuban tourist hotels.

When advised of these terrorists, the U.S. did not arrest and charge them. Instead, Mr Brewer said, they jailed the anti-terrorists. 'Thus, the “war on terrorism” depends on which terrorists the U.S. protects and encourages.'

The campaign to release the Cuban Five  is supported world-wide by Nobel Prize winners, senior European and Latin American political leaders and a wide range of honest Americans.