Cuban Emigres Champion Improvement of Cuba-US Relations.

Members of Cuban American for Engagement (CAFE) demanded relations between Washington and Havana to be more flexible. 
Members of C.A.F.E with Rep Jim McGovern

Members of the group of emigres held meetings in both the State Department and the Congress’ offices, where they declared themselves to be in favor of policies favoring more exchanges with Cuba, including the removal of the travel ban, so all US citizens can travel to the Caribbean island.

The CAFE delegation reaffirmed that that community of emigres in the US doesn’t feel represented by the stances of the Cuban-Americans currently holding positions as senators and congresspersons at the Capitol in Washington.

According to the communiqué issued by the group, during the meetings with officials of the US diplomacy and Congress, the members of CAFE recalled that, as shown by recent surveys, there’s majority rejection with respect to any reversion of the measure that makes family trips and people-to-people contacts more flexible, adopted by the Barack Obama administration.

During the meeting at the State Department, CAFE reaffirmed its opposition to any policy of the Helms-Burton Law, something in which it asserted to coincide with the view of the majority of Cubans on the island and in the Diaspora, and championed the maintenance of cultural exchanges between the two nations. The Cuban emigres also met with officials of the Cuban Interests Section in the United States.

The CAFE group is made up by Cuban emigres living in the states of Florida, Illinois, Colorado, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia and Kentucky, and has the support of the Latin American Working Group (LAWG) and of the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA).