May Day Celebrations in Cuba Dedicated to Bay of Pigs Victory

This year’s celebrations on May Day will be dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the victory against the Bay of Pigs mercenary invasion and to the Fourth Congress of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC).

The call was issued on Saturday by Ermela Santiago, a member of the National Secretariat of the Cuban Workers’ Confederation (CTC), during the 87th annual plenary session of this trade union organization.

Santiago said the occasion will serve to pay tribute to those who participated in that heroic deed on April 19, 1961.

She added that the Cuban workers’ movement is supporting necessary social and economic transformations that are decisive to improve and upgrade the model of the Cuban society.

“Economic efficiency, production of food, profitability, energy saving, the reduction of imports and the fight against indiscipline are some of the areas in which workers will make emphasis during this period,” she noted.

On the date, she added, tribute will also be paid to workers’ leaders such as Lazaro Peña, Jesus Menendez and Jose Maria Perez.

CTC General Secretary Salvador Valdes Mesa announced that, as it has become a tradition, on May Day the Cuban people will march in squares and streets in support of the Cuban Socialist Revolution

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6th “May Day" International Brigade 2011
to mark 50th Anniversary of The Bay of Pigs Victory
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