Terrorist Accomplice of Posada Carriles Arrested in Venezuela

Francisco Chavez Abarca is a highly dangerous terrorist, President Hugo Chavez alerted as he revealed Abarca´s records in Interpol: an expert in the making and use of explosives, sniper and terrorist

Venezuela´s President Hugo Chavez announced on Friday the arrest here of Salvadorian Francisco Chavez Abarca, who is closely linked to international and confessed terrorist Luis Posada Carriles.

President Chavez explained that Abarca, who was arrested in an intelligence operation, said during his arrest that he had travelled to Venezuela as a tourist; however, intelligence and state security agencies detected the terrorist and once identified he admitted to be the man wanted by Interpol, according to the Venezuelan News Agency.

In that direction, the Venezuelan head of state asked: “What did Abarca come to Venezuela for? Who was he going to meet with? Who was waiting for him here and for what?” Chavez added that an investigation would take place.

He is a highly dangerous terrorist, Chavez alerted as he gave details about Interpol’s records of Abarca: an expert in the making and use of explosives, sniper and terrorist.

Hugo Chavez explained that some of Abaca’s criminal actions included the planting of explosives that inflicted huge damage to the Havana-based Melia Cohiba Hotel; he was also suspected of having planted explosives in an office of the Cuban tourist company Cubanacan, in Mexico; as well as the recruitment of terrorists who blasted bombs in Cuban tourist facilities, which caused one death and several wounded people in the 1990s.

According to reports by Telesur TV channel, Abarca was detected at the Maiquetia International Airport by members with the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin), and when he learned of the presence of the officers he got nervous and tried to evade them. When they asked him for his documents, he presented a passport with a fake identity, under the name of Carlos Adolfo Gonzalez Ruiz, from Guatemala.

“Posada Carriles must be quite nervous because we got one of his men,” Chavez said.

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