Fidel Castro Meets with Cuban Ambassadors

The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, met today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs headquarters in Havana with Cuban ambassadors to whom he spoke about the serious dangers currently threatening mankind.

Fidel referred to the possibility of an attack against Iran or the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, reports the website.

“What they are doing to Iran is a carbon copy of what they did to Mohamed Mossadegh, the former Iranian prime minister ousted after a coup encouraged by Washington and other Western powers when he began a process of nationalization of Iranian resources in the 1950s,” he said

During the meeting that lasted just over an hour and a half, he answered questions or comments from the diplomats and reviewed news wires and political analysis from diverse sources.

Fidel went over some of the questions he left to the specialists of the Research Center of the World Economy during his recent visit to this institution.

These include one that almost no one would have raised 20 or 15 years ago:“Can the Empire survive if the market disappears and would the dollar have any value if there were no world market?” he wondered.

Again, the Cuban leader referred to the arsenal of more than 20,000 strategic and non-strategic weapons in the hands of the great powers.

He also wondered what makes what they call today ‘conventional weapons’ different —weapons that Washington intends to promote as an alternative— if the weaponry technological development of recent years gives them all similar destructive power.

Fidel warned that it is ridiculous to think of a nuclear suitcase with a button, which was the panic of the early years of the Cold War. In this sense he abounded that all the answers are already programmed, as it is only a matter of seconds, he said.

He also pointed out that, although several sources exclude the data, it is known that Israel is the world’s sixth nuclear power.

Workers with the Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry (MINREX) and neighbours from the capital district of El Vedado, who spontaneously gathered when they heard of Fidel’s presence at the Foreign Ministry, said good-bye to Fidel with a standing ovation.

From the crowd gathered on the sidewalk, a young college graduate raised her diploma, and dedicated it to the Cuban leader with gratitude.

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