Cuban women discuss economic issues

Women and their role in updating the Cuban model of economic development was the central issue Friday in a debate held at the National Association of Economists and Accountants (ANEC) and which involved some workers representing the country's economic sector.

At the meeting the women discussed such important issues as the need to fight crime and corruption in business, to use the budget effectively and efficiently, and that of self-analysis and practice the profession with the highest ethics and sense of belonging, towards a better activity in the sector. They agreed that for the present it is essential from an early age to instil values that will encourage greater people's identification with the country's economic process.

Another key point was the need to clarify concepts, study elements and criteria of the specialties that could contribute to future training, preparation and improvement of pictures in the provinces of the country in which the ANEC would have a key role. Also discussed was the importance of linking these special students with companies to obtain the appropriate preparation for their future working life.

Following discussion, Yolanda Ferrer, General Secretary of the FMC and a special guest of the same, addressed those present and expressed the pride of the Federation which brings together all Cuban women working for one of the most essential in country, which called the work of the Revolution.

The meeting was chaired also by Roberto Verrier, president of ANEC, Marcia Enriquez, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Security; Elizabeth Palmeiro and Rosa Aurora Freyjanes; ANEC members and wives of Ramón Labañino and Fernando González, respectively.

By Matos Yenia Henríquez Granma 
Google translation - Edited by Walter Lippmann-CubaNews