Cuba Turns Down Special Rapporteur's Comments

Cuba has expressed its dissatisfaction over a press release issued in Geneva by the Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur Manfred Nowak.

Following is the statement Cuba has presented to the U.N. Office in Geneva and other international organizations in Switzerland: 

"Cuba expresses its surprise at the Press Release issued by the Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur on Torture, Mr. Manfred Nowak, on June 9th, in which he expressed "his deep disappointment after being informed by the Government of Cuba that it was unable to accommodate a fact-finding mission to the country before the end of his mandate, on 30 October2010."
"The Press Release published does not correspond with the permanent effort made by the Cuban authorities to facilitate the realization of the visit and with the exchanges held between both parties in a climate of trust. In the most recent contacts held with Mr. Nowak, he was reiterated the validity of the extended invitation and the will to continue to work to make it possible in a mutually agreed date.
"Cuba does not need an objective assessment of the "situation in the country". Cuba is not seeking for any endorsement. In Cuba there has not been a single case of extrajudicial execution or enforced disappearance. We have well recognized achievements in the field penal justice and crime prevention. Few countries can show Cuba’s results on the treatment given to sanctioned persons and on their full reintegration into society.
Cuba reiterates its will to continue to cooperate both with Mr Nowak and with other special procedures of the Human Rights Council established on non-discriminatory basis.
"This decision will remain firm, despite the fact that our country continues to be the target of the policy of hostility and genocidal blockade imposed by successive U.S. administrations and the recent escalation of a fierce political anti-Cuban media campaign by the international reaction."
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