A Working Hospital in Haiti

CNN’s Steve Kastenbaum reports on a hospital which provides quality care for Haiti’s earthquake victims.

“There are so few places where ordinary Haitians can turn to when they are in need of urgent medical care in the center of the city. We came across one: La Paz hospital. It is now being administered by Cuban medical personnel here in Haiti alongside crews from Spain and Latin America. And it is amazing to see. They are giving medical attention—quality medial care—to severely injured people, six to seven hundred patients a day, several dozen surgeries a day. They have three theaters going around the clock, 24-7, and it is one of the only places deep in the city where Haitians can go and be treated and have a reasonable expectation of surviving.

“We saw so many traumatic injuries there. I can’t even say how many amputations we saw, compound fractures, traumatic flesh wounds. Yet, these overwhelmed medical teams were finding ways to take care of all of them, despite being very low on critical supplies—sutures, oxygen, anesthetics, water—they need all these things. Their supply lines stretch all the way back to Spain, and it’s being sent in. And it is being done in a remarkably orderly fashion.”
“Steve Kastenbaum, CNN, Haiti”
Click to watch the report, it’s worth it: Cuba's Working Hospital in Haiti.
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