Cuban doctors waging arduous battle for life in Haiti

  PORT-AU-PRINCE.—Three new aftershocks were reported in this capital yesterday, including one of 6.1 magnitude, for a total of 88 such temblors related to the earthquake that struck the city on January 12, according to the Emergency Operations Center in the Dominican Republic.

An AFP cable stated that at least four buildings collapsed without leaving victims.

Just one week after the devastating earthquake, the arduous and humanitarian labors of the Cuban doctors in the Haitian capital now amount to more than 13,418 consultancies, with 1,078 operations, more than 550 of them considered major surgery. The Cuban doctors have also assisted 38 births.

At this point, Cuba has two field hospitals in that long-suffering country, one of which was set up last Tuesday 60 kilometers from Port-au-Prince, and where 17 patients have undergone surgery.

Doctors from Cuba, Spain, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Canada, among other nations, are working shoulder to shoulder on the humanitarian task of saving lives in the face of this colossal natural disaster.

For its part, DPA reported that a humanitarian brigade from Nicaragua in Haiti rescued two young students trapped in the rubble of a university in the capital. The UN has stated that, to date, 121 survivors have been found and that there are still hopes of finding more people. 

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