UNICEF: Cuba is a Children Paradise

Cuba is a children’s paradise and the world has much to learn about the Caribbean nation, said the representative of the UN Children Fund (UNICEF) in Cuba Jose Juan Ortiz during celebrations here to mark International Children´s Day.

During the celebration, which took place at the Ernesto Guevara Central Pioneer Children Palace, in this capital city, the UNICEF official described Cuba as an example to follow and a mirror where other nations, including the richest developed countries should look at themselves.

In this troubled and incredibly unfair world, this small and poor nation reveals the false arguments stated forth by those who turn to an alleged lack of resources to guarantee the rights of the children, while the truth is that when there is a will everything turns possible to reach and much can be done with very little if there is political will to do so, said Jose Juan Ortiz.

Neither global crises, nor natural catastrophes, nor economic difficulties have forced the Cuban state to abandon or neglect its wise policy in favor of children, he added and went on to stress that this country can proudly express that none of its girls or boys sees her or his rights violated and that although millions and millions of children around the world are forced to work, beg, prostitute themselves, with no access to education, drinking water, while undergoing starvation and curable diseases, not a single Cuban children is in any of those

He also referred to the unconditional support and the facilitating role played by UNICEF in regards to initiatives undertaken by the Cuban government towards the safeguard of children and full enjoyment of the rights achieved for all girls and boys under equal grounds, and particularly in terms of education, health care, social participation and healthy, safe and cultured recreation.

Jose Juan Ortiz sent a congratulations message by means of ACN to all Cuban children in the context of
International Children´s Day, June 1; he asked them all not to forget ever how much lucky they are to live in a country where the first thought is always for them, for their present and their future.

At this point in time, many of them have their parents in far-away countries, meeting internationalist missions, working under difficult conditions to help other nations and I believe—he said--that the best way to repay to such high sacrifice is to push forward this work full of love, because the world is full of girls and boys who have not been that lucky as the Cuban children are, concluded the UNICEF representative in Cuba.