27th Southern Cross Brigade

Join the Southern Cross work and study tour and support Cuba in the most direct manner by working (picking fruit or pruning fruit trees, etc) and then visiting schools, hospitals, urban agriculture projects. You will experience at first hand the cultural, political and social conditions in revolutionary Cuba.

This year we will be having a closer look at Cuba’s innovative approaches to the environment and climate change. Children are welcome on this tour as are older participants. Our Cuban hosts take great care of visitors of all ages.

The main features of the Brigade include:

* Talks on various aspects of conditions in Cuba given by prominent Cuban speakers;
* Working with Cubans
* Visits to places of interest (eg schools, hospitals, factories);
* Opportunities to explore Havana independently
* Visits to provincial centres
* Homestays and visit to Las Tunas Province

The Brigade will be in Cuba between December 27th, 2009 and January 20th, 2010.

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