Victims of Terrorism Demand Freedom for Five Anti-terrorist Cubans

Victims of terrorism against Cuba and Venezuela demanded that the government of the United States free five Cuban anti-terrorists fighters imprisoned in that country for the past ten years. They also demanded the extradition of criminal Luis Posada Carriles, Prensa Latina News Agency reported.

A meeting took place between the families of the Cuban Five, victims of the 1976 Cuban airplane bombing, and Venezuelans who were subjected to torture under “Captain Basilio” – an alias of Posada Carriles when he held a high position of the Venezuelan Political Police.

Deputy Horacio Pinto, a member of the Venezuela-Cuba Movement of Friendship and Mutual Solidarity, pointed out that all legal documentation is being gathered that will supplement the extradition request made by Venezuela – which Washington has rejected.

The gathering of the records will conclude over the next few days, and the respective announcement will be made. The greatest possible quantity of judicial evidence is being collected to demonstrate the crimes against humanity committed by Posada in close collaboration with the CIA, Pinto specified.

Camilo Rojo, the son of one of the crew of the airplane sabotaged off the coast of Barbados, pointed that October 6 will mark the 32nd year since the “murderer of our dear loved ones beings, while Orlando Bosch and Posada are free to walk the streets of Miami.”

The victims of Posada demonstrated their conviction that there should continued efforts made to request an extradition, as they accused George W. Bush of being the principal terrorist in the world for harboring criminals such as Posada and Orlando Bosch, despite the American president phony international crusade against terrorism.