US links to Mercenaries Revealed

Cuba Accuses US of Supporting Terrorists

Cuba denounced the connections between terrorists in Miami, mercenaries inside Cuba and the US administration with the objective of carrying out subversive activities against the island.

The Director of the North American Department of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Josefina Vidal referred to some of the evidence of the ties between the US Interests Section in Havana and the mercenaries in Cuba.

A selection of videos, photos, statements, telephone conversations, emails as well as investigations carried out by Cuban State Security were revealed to the foreign and national press in Havana. The rest of the evidence will be shown in a two part series “The Scandalous Terrorists-Mercenaries-US Government Link” during Monday’s and Tuesday’s Round Table discussions on Cuban television.

Cubavision International, Radio Rebelde and Radio Havana Cuba will also broadcast the programme starting Monday, (Tuesday NZST) from 6:00 pm (Cuba time).

She said that the involvement of officials from the US Interests Section as facilitators of the money sent from terrorists in Miami to mercenaries on the island is scandalous and very serious.
Previously, Cuba had denounced the US Interests Section’s financial aid to internal counter revolutionary elements, but now there is evidence of the actions of the US officials in mediating in the money distribution from terrorist Santiago Alvarez to mercenaries on the island.

The Cuban Foreign Ministry official said that it would be good to ponder whether the US government is conscious of what the head of the US Interests Section is doing in Havana and if these actions are part of the so called secret annexation of the Bush Plan for Cuba.

Dr. Manuel Hevia, Director of the Historic Research Department of State Security offered details on the support and finance received by the counter revolutionary elements in Cuba from US territory.

Hevia gave the background of terrorist Santiago Alvarez and his ties with Luis Posada Carriles and explained the modus operandi of Alvarez in his illegal operation

Washington Hosts Campaign Against Posada Carriles

A new campaign to demand that terrorist Luis Posada Carriles be either extradited to Venezuela or prosecuted by the American authorities will come into action in Washington on May 20.

Sponsored by the A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism), participating organizations will demand that the criminal be taken to court and tried for the violent crimes he has committed, among them the mid-air blowing up of a Cubana airplane that took a toll on 73 people, in 1976.

The campaign will open with statements by the ANSWER Coalition coordinator Brian Becker and Civil Justice Association co-founder Mara Verheyden-Hilliard at the National Press Club, according to a PL report.

Thousands of letters are expected to be sent to US Congress members as part of the campaign demanding that Posada Carriles be arrested. In 2005, ANSWER sent 50,000 messages to American legislators for the same reasons.

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