A Distinctly Orwellian World

In politics, absurdity is not a handicap”
Napoleon Bonaparte

Little eminating from the Orwellian world of Gearge Bush surprises.

Recently returned from celebrating the 60th anniversary of the creation of Israel where questions of ‘moral clarity' and visions of ‘justice and tolerance and freedom' occupied his mind he has turned his thoughts to Cuba.
Yesterday (May 21) with the usual cast of the suspects in attendance Bush addressed himself to the question of “Cuba's freedom”, it was after all the self-declared Cuba Solidarity Day. If any in this particular White House audience paused to contemplate the wisdom of Bushes particular brand of freedom is unknown – a shame really.

Five years, 19 days and a handful of hours before this speech the great defender of democracy and human rights had declared the goals of the preceding quest for freedom accomplished. Thousands of innocent people were dead, millions displaced, and Iraq’s cities lay in ruins, freedom indeed.

The timing of this event is no accident of course; May 19 is the 133rd anniversary of José Martís death at the hands of the Spanish during the struggle for independence. May 22, the 105th anniversary of the signing of the unconscionable ‘Permanent Treaty'. If you seek to colonise the country, why not its history.

Nor did more recent events get a mention.

Nothing on the exposure that U S top diplomats in Havana allegedly delivered private funds from a Miami anti Cuba terrorist jailed on weapons charges to individuals in Cuba.

Nothing on the proposals from the LAC-EU Lima summit that would actually address the real issues in the Americas. Absurdity is clearly no handicap in the surreal world of this President.
Human Rights in Cuba - The White Book
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