Secret meeting of Anti-Cuban Forces

A secret meeting between individuals who support terrorist acts against Cuba recently took place in Spain, headed by Caleb McCarry, the US State Department's so-called Cuba transition coordinator.

McCarry visited Madrid almost clandestinely and met at the US embassy with notorious terrorists and CIA agents. The official holds a position similar to the post of Iraq administrator held by Paul Bremer after the US invasion.

The meeting with people of the likes of Carlos Alberto Montaner and Leoplodo Fernandez Pujals took place with the objective "not to impart doctrine, but to listen," reported the rightwing ABC newspaper in an article entitled Diplomacia discreta [Discreet diplomacy].

According to ABC, the meeting was organized by US ambassador to Spain Eduardo Aguirre, known for his close friendship with President Bush and his continuous intromissions into the internal affairs of Spain.

To the surprise of many political analysts, McCarry was also received in Spain by the General Director for Ibero-America Javier Sandomingo of the Spanish Foreign Ministry, whom ABC said regularly converses with McCarry.

Proconsul McCarry arrived camouflaged to Madrid, as part of a secret tour of several European countries, designed to compel the European Union (EU) to maintain a hostile stance towards Cuba. His European trip takes place at a time when there is a favorable rapprochement of the EU towards Cuba; and Washington is alarmed that the EU could eliminate its sanctions against Cuba, which are currently suspended.

In June, the EU is scheduled to revise sanctions it imposed on Cuba in 2003, a move that was criticized as bowing down to US interests. The Bush administration has worked tirelessly and used all types of pressures to get the EU to maintain its sanctions against Cuba.

Last year, after a favorable official visit to Havana by Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, Washington stepped up its pressure, urgently sending several White House envoys, including McCarry, to Europe to press the Bush administration’s agenda.