ALBA Countries ratify solidarity with Bolivia

Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage expressed on behalf of all the countries that make up the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), their solidarity with Bolivia, its people and its president, Evo Morales.

According to Granma news daily, representatives of the ALBA countries, in an extraordinary meeting held in Caracas, approved a declaration of solidarity and support of Bolivia.

The text, read by the Cuban VP in the presence of the heads of state and government of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia, ratifies the bloc’s support of the process of changes that is currently underway in the Andean nation.

In addition, it rejects ongoing right-wing destabilizing efforts in that country that violate the Bolivian Constitution and laws.

The document also reiterates their decision not to recognize any legal figure that violates the territorial integrity of Bolivia and it urges the international community, and particularly Latin America and the Caribbean, to take action in this regard.

Meanwhile, President Evo Morales thanked them for their solidarity and expressed his confidence in the social sectors that elected him in front of the secessionist position of the oligarchy that is trying to approve, through a referendum called for May 4, an autonomous status for the region of Santa Cruz.

During the meeting, they also passed an agreement to implement cooperation programs in the area of food sovereignty and security. It includes the sponsorship of agricultural projects to produce rice, corn, leguminous plants, meat and milk and also to guarantee the supply of water. The accord also establishes the creation of a marketing network and the creation of a fund of food security with an initial capital of $100 billion.

The Cuban delegation to the extraordinary ALBA meeting was comprised of VPs Carlos Lage, on behalf of the Cuban Government, and Esteban Lazo, representing the Cuban Communist Party, as well as the Cuban ambassador in Caracas, German Sanchez.