Cuban sustainability expert visits Auckland

Roberto Perez, a world-renowned Cuban biologist and environmental educator, was in Auckland during early March to share his expert knowledge and experience.

He is a trained biologist and works as a permaculture and environmental educator for the Foundation for Nature and Humanity, Cuba’s major environment organisation based in Havana. Roberto was trained as a permaculturalist soon after the ‘Special Period’ began, with the arrival of permaculture teachers from Australia. He is involved in sustainability projects throughout Cuba, working with slash and burn agriculturalists, government agencies, community groups and schools teaching and promoting sustainable design practices.

Roberto featured in the award-winning documentary film, The Power of Community, which showcases the transformation of Cuban culture and society into an agrarian organic one. Climate Change and Peak Oil and their potential impacts are in the news everyday.

Cuba has created appropriate solutions that we can use here in this small island nation. The World Wildlife Fund’s 2006 ‘Living Planet Report’ commented that Cuba was the only country in the world currently employing sustainable development. The study’s authors credit the high level of literacy, long life expectancy and low consumption of energy for this success.

Radio New Zealand interview with Roberto