Christians without Bibles

Fidel Castro called Cuban doctors and all the other Cuban health professionals and technicians an exceptional powerhouse, and said no other country has anything like it.

In an article published Monday under the title "Christians without Bibles", Fidel Castro stressed that just like the islands internationalist soldiers, Cuban health workers were trained in combat.

"Their missions overseas abide by strict ethical standards. Their services are offered free of charge, or they are commercialised according to the host country’s circumstances. They are not exportable", he underlined.However, he pointed out, we do not have enough books. It is not sufficient that our libraries have ample numbers of books to be used for the constant reference requirements. Each one of our health professionals should possess a classical textbook covering their own specialty and if this person carries out or practices two, three or more assignments in the hospital or polyclinic, he or she ought to have at their disposition one classic copy for each of them.
(Mar 3 - Prensa Latina)