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United States Embassy Wellington

July 26th 

11.am – 12noon

29 Fitzherbert Terrace,

Thorndon, Wellington


New Zealand - lap dog of a crumbling empire or a sovereign nation

The vindictiveness of the current, and preceding US governments toward Cuba must be more effectively opposed by the NZ government.

Each year the NZ government votes, along with the vast majority of The U.N. Security Council, to oppose the  U.S.'s economic blockade of Cuba yet does little else to oppose  this arbitrator and   illegal action and then ignores its local ramifications. 
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The local Cuban Embassy is unable to run a legitimate bank account; financial transactions of NZ companies trading with Cuba are blocked by the local banking sector and must be processed through third party countries.

With a bill before the US Senate threatening to impose sanctions on countries accepting Cuban Medical Aid teams, South Pacific nations who have benefited from Cuban assistance will be penalised.

These sanctions are  cruel and vindictive bullying with countries and companies who break them unable to trade in the US for six months and liable for heavy fines.

The NZ government must insist that local banks, financial institutions and transport companies obey international law and refuse to apply these sanctions. 

Furthermore, it must insist on the sovereignty of South Pacific nations.

For More Information Contact 

Gillian Magee 027 216-1559
Warren Brewer 027 226-9950
Email  cubasolidarity@protonmail.com

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