A Victory for Cuba in the United Nations

Yesterday for the 25th time Cuba presented to the UN General Assembly the resolution calling for the "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States of America against Cuba."

This year the results were different; like last year there were 191 out of the 193 nations who voted in favor of lifting the inhumane blockade but for the first time there was no country that voted against the resolution.

Two nations abstained including the promoters of this criminal policy itself, the United States and, as it has done with servile obedience in past votes - the Government of Israel.

This is a clear victory for the dignity and resistance of the Cuban people and the Cuban government who have had to face the longest blockade in history.
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The U.S. had to recognize themselves that this long-standing policy of genocide has led to their embarrassing isolation. 

Yesterday the world said NO to the blockade. Nevertheless, today the United States continues with the policy.

From the Cuba Solidarity Te Waipounamu we congratulate the people of Cuba and their government in their emphatic victory and we renew our commitment to fight tirelessly until the genocidal blockade against Cuba is finally over.

Viva Cuba!!