Welcome Mr President and yes

lets talk Human Rights

The welcome reduction of tensions between Cuba and its North American neighbour reached a new pinnacle yesterday as President and Mrs Obama emerged from Air Force One at Havana’s José Martí Airport.

Equally welcome is the confirmation that high on the President’s agenda is the question of human rights, particularly if this indicates an active commitment, on the part of the U.S.A., to address its behaviour in the Caribbean.

First among the issues the US must address, is the illegal blockade. The United Nations has repeatedly demand the US to meet its obligations under the UN  Charter and international law to lift the criminal blockade and reaffirmed its commitment the freedom of trade and navigation.

Two other issues must also be addressed and corrected if the U.S. is to be taken seriously- ; the torture camp at Guantánamo must be shut and the U.S. Forces, occupying of Guantánamo Bay must be withdrawn and the land returned to Cuba.

Rhetorical grandstanding is fine Mr President but what counts are the facts on the ground. 

Lift the criminal blockade
Close your torture camp 
Return occupied Guantánamo