Time for wealthy nations to accept their

historic dept

President Raul Castro called on wealthy nations to accept their “historic debt” during his address to the UN Sustainable Development Summit in New York on Saturday. On Monday 28 September he will address the 70th session of the UN General Assembly, the first time a Cuban head of state has spoken at the United Nations since Fidel Castro in 2000.

The Cuban president is expected to call on international leaders for support to end the US blockade which has cost the country’s economy US$833.7 billion in five decades according to Cuban calculations.

Cuba’s annual report on the impact of the blockade was launched at a press conference by Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez earlier this month. Cuba is due to present a resolution calling on the US to end the blockade to the UN General Assembly on 27 October. For the last 23 years the UN has voted overwhelmingly in Cuba’s favour, with the 2014 vote totalling 188 countries in favour of the resolution and only the United States and Israel against.

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