Fidel congratulates Alexis Tsipras

Fidel Castro sent a message of congratulations to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for his victory at the referendum held in the European nation.

In his message Fidel says that Greece is a very familiar nation to the Cuban people, who learned from that country subjects such as Philosophy, Arts and Ancient Sciences during school years and with those, the most complex of all human activities, which is arts and the science of politics.

Fidel says that Greece, and particularly its courage in the current scenario, sparks admiration among Latin American and Caribbean countries as they see how Greece in the face of foreign aggressions, defends its identity and culture.

The Cuban leader also recalls that a year after Hitler attacked Poland, Mussolini ordered its troops to invade Greece, but that valiant nation rejected the aggression and forced the invaders to withdraw, which led to the deployment of German armored military units towards Greece, deviating from the original target.

Cuba knows the braveness and the combat capacity of Russian troops, which allied to the forces of powerful China and other nations of the Middle East and Asia, will always try to prevent war, but they will never allow any military aggression to take place without giving a strong and devastating response, Fidel pointed out.

And he concluded by noting that in the current political world scenario, when peace and human survival hang by a thread, each decision must be careful designed and implemented more than ever before, so that nobody can doubt about the honesty and responsibility with which many of the most committed and responsible leaders are fighting to face the calamities threatening the world.

Fidel wished the Greek Prime Minister, describing him as most esteemed comrade, the best success.