Havana World Music Festival

Artists from around the globe come together Friday and Saturday at José Antonio Echeverría complex, in Havana, to participate in the first international meeting of world music, the Havana World Music Festival.

From 5 pm the audience can enjoyed performances from Juan Formell and Los Van Van, Synthesis Group, William Vivanco, X Alfonso, Djoy of Cuba, Déjà vu, La Cinta Baraguá (English-Antillean roots), and bagpipes from the Galician Artistic Society (Spanish roots).

Among the foreign groups are the Norwegian singer Thea Hjelmeland, Spanish duo Fuel Fandango, Auntie Flo DJ from UK, and the Colombian group La Mákina del Karibe, just to name a few.

The meeting also included workshops and conferences, which will be hosted by the Higher Institute of Arts and the Casona of Linea Street, and shall be given by Thea Hjelmeland and Auntie Flo DJ and Matraka Productions.

Sponsored by the Cuban Institute of Music and the National Centre for Popular Music, the Havana World Music Festival arises from the project ¨Para Mestizar¨, on Cuban cultural diversity, M Alfonso said, offering and receiving a range of artists who have built their own seal through the rescue of its identity.