International Congress on Economic Management Kicks Off

The 1st International Congress on Economic Management and Development kicked off in Havana yesterday with the attendance of more than 800 economists, accountants, consultants, and specialists from 22 countries.

The event will continue until Friday, Oct. 18, in the halls of the Conference Center in Havana, under the auspices of the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC).

As expected, participants will exchange experiences about the most pressing issues of the global crisis, and discuss alternatives, proposals, and concrete solutions to promote development.

According to ANEC president Danilo Guzman, the congress includes four international meetings.

These are: the 9th International Meeting on Accounting, Auditing and Finance, the 3rd Meeting on Public Administration for Development, the 2nd Meeting on Cooperativism, and 1st Meeting on Economic Theory and Development. According to organizers, specialists from 11 Cuban universities and 39 from other countries, as well as representatives of the United Nations system, will participate in this event.