US Blockade Prevents Cuba from Fully Implementing Biological Weapons Convention

The 50+ year US economic, financial, political and commercial blockade of Cuba is the main obstacle for the island to fully implement the UN Biological Weapons Convention, said the Cuban representative in Geneva.

During a meeting of experts with the parties of the UN Convention, Cuban representative Juan Antonio Quintanilla denounced that the US measure hinders cooperation, assistance and international exchange in terms of biological sciences and technologies, including the exchange, with peaceful means, of equipment and materials, according to an article posted on the website of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

The US blockade imposes strong restrictions on the purchase by Cuban hospitals of medications, lab reagents, vaccines, biological protection and diagnostic means, as well as equipment if they are made in the United States or produced by subsidiaries of American companies based in third countries.

Also prohibited is the direct exchange by Cuban and US scientists dedicated to the control of infectious diseases, which is crucial for the full deployment of their responsibilities, said the Cuban diplomat.

Meanwhile, Cuban research centers cannot access US websites providing important scientific information, such as specialized publications that may contribute to update knowledge on the new advances of biological sciences and technologies in the field.

Cuba will continue to denounce the unilateral, absurd, illegal and morally unsustainable US blockade, Quintanilla pointed out and noted that such measure must be lifted as repeatedly demanded by the overwhelming majority of the international community at the UN General Assembly.