Muhammad Ali Sends his Condolences for Stevenson´s Death

Outstanding US boxer Muhammad Ali sent a message of condolences for the death on Monday of Word and three-time Olympic Champ Teofilo Stevenson.

In his message, published on Granma and Cubadebate websites, Ali says he really felt deep sorrow at the news of the death of one of the great boxing champs, Teofilo Stevenson.

Although Stevenson was not a professional boxer, the fact that he won three gold medals in three different Olympic games implies that he would have been a formidable rival to any other heavy weight boxer of his time or any other contender in his best moment, the message reads.

Ali said he will always remember his meeting with great Teofilo in his native Cuba. “He was one of the greatest in this world,” and noted that at the same time he was warm and amicable.

Muhammad Ali extended his condolences to the Stevenson family and friends.

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