Cuban defense minister, Julio Casas Regueiro, dies at age 75

Julio Casas Regueiro, Cuba’s Minister of Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) died of a cardiac arrest in Havana on Saturday, 3 September. He was 75 years old. He was cremated according to his wishes and his remains will be transfered to the Mausoleum of the Frank País Second Eastern Front in the Sierra Maestra where he will receive military honors. The government has declared a 3-day period of mourning.

A veteran of the revolution, Casas Requiero was trained as an accountant but joined Fidel Castro’s troops in the 1950s. With the triumph of the revolution, he occupied many different posts in the Armed Forces including Chief of the Eastern Army and Chief of military economic activities.

In 2008, when Raúl Castro took over as President from his brother, Casas Requiero replaced him as the Minister of FAR. He was also member of the National Assembly of the People’s Power and Vice-president of the Council of State.

Casas Regueiro is replaced by his first deputy, General Leopoldo Cita Frias.