Concern in Cuba over Likely Probation for One of the Cuban Five

René’s wife Olga, daughter Yvette and René (insert)
The mother of the Cuban antiterrorist fighter imprisoned in the US Rene Gonzalez, Irma Sehwerert, expressed on Thursday her concern over a likely enforcement of a probation ruling for her son to be served in Miami, once he has totally served his sentence in the United States.

Rene would be at a higher peril in the streets of Miami than in jail, said his mother during a meeting with members of the 22th US-Cuba Friendship Caravan who are in Cuba until July 31.

"Imagine, Rene living in Miami for three years. We would not be at ease for one minute," said Sehwerert when referring to the legal situation of one of the five Cuban anti terrorist fighters imprisoned in the US since September 1998.

Due to this, his release after 15 years in prison is a cause of concern for all Cubans.

Irma Sehwerert mentioned the efforts of defense lawyers for returning her son to Cuba once he is released from prison.

"If not, we will keep you informed (Caravan members) to see what you can do to protect him," said Rene Gonzalez' mother in presence of other relatives of the Cuban Five, as the antiterrorist fighters are known in the international campaigns for their release. The leaders of the Caravan met with Sehwerert and another three relatives of Ramon Labañino and Fernando Gonzalez, who along with Gerardo Hernandez and Antonio Guerrero are serving up to double life imprisonment sentences in the US.