Documentary Denounces U.S.’s Cyberwar against the Caribbean Nation


"Cuba is the target of permanent media warfare"
The U.S. Government’s plans to subvert the Cuban Revolution were again denounced on Monday in the documentary Cyberwar, aired by Cuban television as part of a series of programs called ‘Cuba’s Reasons’, which reveal Washington’s ongoing efforts to destabilize the Cuban society, now resorting to the new communication technologies.
“The US Government earmarks huge sums of money every year to cyber warfare,” said American-Venezuelan lawyer Eva Golinger.
She added that, for 2010 alone, Washington approved a budget of more than 90 billion dollars to finance the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM).

Carlos del Porto, Engineering Director of the National Office for Informatization of the Cuban Ministry of Informatics and Communication, commented that diverse studies show that the US Government has almost 90,000 people working in cyber-warfare-related activities.

The editor of CubaDebate Rosa Miriam Elizalde, noted that most of these ‘digital wage-earners’ are hired as cyber-dissidents, who are not only used by the United States against Cuba but also against many other countries around the world.

“Cuba is the target of a permanent media warfare promoted by a group of people who —in the island and abroad— are paid to lie and defame,” said Enrique Ubieta, director of the newspaper ‘La Calle del Medio’.
Young Cuban blogger Elaine Diaz Rodriguez, a professor at the School of Communication of the University of Havana, pointed out that there are currently hundreds of personal blogs in Cuba, which are updated from any corner of the country.

These blogs show “a plural, diverse and multiple Cuba, of which each author presents his life experiences,” she concluded.