Solidarity with Cuban Website Cubadebate


Several media outlets have echoed the condemnation of Youtube decision to close the Cuban website Cubadebate account.

Immediately following the move by Youttube, which is owned by Google, several alternative sites offered spaces to host Cubadebate, impeding the attempt to silence the Cuban site, Cubadebate’s editor in chief Rosa Miriam Elizalde told Prensa Latina.

The first ones to come out were and Cubadebate 1, which are already posting reports by Cubadebate and distributing them through Youtube.

In Facebook, a group under the name “NO+CENSURA EN YOUTUBE (No more censorship in Youtube)” expressed its support of the Cuban website, along with the Bariloche Solidarity with Cuba Group in Argentina.

Elizalde said that the closing of the account is questionable since their justification is based on a video posted by Cubadebate that has been posted in numerous other websites inside and outside the network including CNN.
Luis Posada Carriles
who is currently on trial in El Paso
The famous video about the Legal Fund set up to support renowned terrorist Luis Posada Carriles —who is currently on trial in El Paso, Texas— includes a list of the fund’s main contributors. Among them are Republican Representative Ileana Ros Lehtinen; Senator Marcos Rubio, who supports the use of violent actions against Cuba; and other political figures from the state of Florida.

Youtube’s action against Cubadebate for publishing a six-minute extract of the video and not several US outlets that have stolen exclusive materials from that site without crediting the source suggests that the move is politically motivated, said Elizalde.

Rosa Miriam Elizalde explained that in order to make a complaint Youtube requires personal information that could run the risk of being handed over to the terrorist group headed by Posada Carriles.