The 12th International Congress on Pedagogy (Pedagogía 2011)


The more than 3000 delegates are attending the Pedagogy 2011 conference scheduled to end on Friday, January 28, will discuss on the need of contributing equitably to the general and comprehensive culture of all peoples by rescuing the best educational experiences in the region.
3000 delegates are attending the conference
The Event being held in Havana’s International Conference Centre has attracted delegates from some 20 countries

The Cuban Minister of Education, Ana Elsa Velazquez, urged participants to carry out profound discussions on the essence of education based in the Latin American origins as a guarantee for the future.
Education Minister Ena Elsa Velázquez
speaking at  Pedagogía 2011
Early and postgraduate training, literacy and post-literacy processes in the area, as well as the shaping of values are among the topics to be analyzed during the event.
Venezuela, Brazil and Cuba are among the countries with highest participation in the 2011 International Congress on Pedagogy, which is also attended by education ministers from 11 countries.

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