Posada Carriles’ Trial to Include Evidences of Terrorism against Cuba

The evidence collected by Cuban authorities and the FBI on Luis Posada Carriles’s role in the bomb attacks carried out in Havana will be included in the next trial of this terrorist, reports ACN.

According to Cubadebate, it will be the first time that a recorded interview with Posada and a journalist from The New York Times, in which he admits that he planned the attacks of 1997 to hotels in Havana, will be presented before a jury.

Cubadebate adds that at the trial, which is scheduled for January 10, 2011, in El Paso, Texas, the intention is not to demonstrate he is a terrorist but a liar, who committed fraud to the US migratory authorities when he entered the country.

According to some information published in the New Herald, this terrorist arrived in the United States five years ago, and during this time he has been tried for minor crimes so as to delay his extradition to Venezuela.

Fighting terrorism and war
Since 2005 Venezuela demanded his extradition for the blowing-up of a civil Cuban airplane in which 73 people died.

On the Texas trial, Posada is accused of lying in a routine interview with the US migratory authorities who questioned him about his role on the attacks in Havana that killed Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo.

Judge Kathleen Cardone affirmed that she decided to allow the presentation of the five-hour recordings by journalist Ann Louise Bardach because she was trustworthy taking into account she testified on a closed-door hearing on November 15, on her interview with the accused and on the management of the tapes with The New York Times.

As said by The New Herald, attorneys from the Justice Department are planning to present in the trial more than 3 500 pages of official documents from Cuba and Guatemala related to the attacks.

The prosecution said that these documents detail the attacks in Havana, those who planned them and the explosive devices used. The documents focus on the arrests, the suspects, the witnesses and the fake Guatemalan passport which was allegedly used by Posada.

The attorneys from the Justice Department will also use evidence from the FBI, which were revised by a federal instruction jury in New Jersey.

FBI agents collected documents showing money transferences of nearly 19 000 US dollars from New Jersey to Posada in El Salvador and Guatemala between October 1996 and January 1998. The FBI assumes that the money was used to finance the attacks.

However, the judged blocked hundreds of documents on the links between Posada and the CIA for more than 25 years, as requested by the prosecution. 
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