World Condemns US Blockade against Cuba at UN General Assembly


Cuba: 187
Abstentions: 3
USA: 2 

For the 19th consecutive year, The U.N. General Assembly has voted overwhelmingly to condemn almost a half-century of U.S. sanctions against Cuba, demanding an end to what member states say is a cruel Cold War anachronism that only hurts ordinary people.

Cuba´s report on the UN 64/6 Resolution received the support of 187 countries, while three abstained and the US, along with its traditional ally Israel, voted against .

Thirty heads of state and government and foreign ministers from several countries reiterated their condemnation of the blockade a month ago in the General Assembly.

The US blockade has a huge negative impact on the Cuban people’s everyday lives and has caused Cuba’s economy losses for over 751 billion dollars.

The US government’s hackneyed argument that this is a “bilateral issue” is demolished by the blockade’s extraterritoriality as it affects companies and citizens from third countries, making of it an actual economic war.