The Blockade Shoots to Kill and Wounds Everyone

No Cuban escapes from the effects of the blockade. Age, sex, race, social position, education level, religious beliefs or political affiliation does not matter. Cuba does not exaggerate when it speaks of genocide. The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States during the last 50 years targets all of us.

Time has turned this measure a part of our daily lives. Millions on the island do not know any other way of living under this terrible measure and the Cuban people have done miracles to resist and open paths towards development and leave imperialism with the desire of destroying the Revolution or starving out the Cuban people.

Effects of the blockade? It would be impossible to list, but it is visible at all times, everywhere, even in the psychic of the Cuban people. In the health care system it is particularly painful. But in education no one escapes the blockade, because in a country like Cuba where human rights is fully guaranteed to its population, everyone goes to school and even after graduating we are all still tied to the sector in one way or another.

Since the literacy campaign in 1961, experiences and achievements have turned Cuba as a source of reference in the world as how to work in the field of quality education and its accessibility to all.
The National Literacy Campaign of 1961 is recognized as one of the most successful initiatives of its kind, mobilized teachers, workers, and secondary school students to teach more than 700,000 persons how to read. This campaign reduced the illiteracy rate from 23% to 4% in the space of one year

Despite the blockade, education is still there, intact and Cuba shares its experiences with other nations in the world. What affects education is its quality, because not one single child has been left without a school or teacher and this information is found in Cuba´s report on Resolution 64/6 of the UN General Assembly entitled: “Necessity to End the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba”.

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By María Elena Álvarez

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