Swiss and French Rock Bands in Cuban Rock Festival

Six metal bands from France and Switzerland are taking part at the 2nd Brutal Fest, a rock festival in Havana opening tonight till September 7.

 Swiss rock bands: Cardiac, Deadly Sin Orgy and Destronork and French Sedative, Stortregn and F.O.A.D will share the floor of Maxim Rock theater with Cubans Combat Noise, Escape, Ancestor and Jeffrey Dahmer.

On Tuesday the Swiss and French bands will travel to Pinar del Rio province where they will play with Medula, a popular band from that province.

The festival, sponsored by the Cuban Rock Agency (ACR), French Brutal Beatdown Records and Swiss Vrockal Metal Fest, will feature the most radical sounds of contemporary metal such as grindcore, death metal, hardcore and black metal.

Yuri Avila, ACR president, told Prensa Latina that the festival provides the opportunity to carry out projects with Vrockal Metal Fest, keep the cultural interchange with Cuban rock bands and bring foreign rock bands every year.

She said it is essential to promote Cuban bands abroad, especially in Latin America, and that the agency needs to show everything it has.

The ACR was created in 2007 and includes in its catalogue 17 bands of different rock styles.