Amnesty criticises President Obama’s decision on Cuba

In a statement release September 8th Amnesty International has criticised the Obama administration for renewing the blockade of Cuba. The refusal to change course is, according to Amnesty a “long overdue step toward dismantling a policy that is both ineffective and detrimental.”

The statement notes that the blockades
"...impact on economic and social rights, concluded that sanctions, which the USA has imposed since 1962, are negatively affecting Cuban access to medicines and medical technologies and endangering the health of millions. United Nations agencies and programs operating in Cuba, such as UNICEF, UNAIDS and UNFPA, have reported that the US embargo has undermined the implementation of programs aimed at improving the living conditions of Cubans."
The full statement can be found on Amnesty’s webpage

Amnesty International’s 2009 report, The US embargo against Cuba: Its impact on economic and social rights, can be found here