A New Web Site to Combat Media Campaign Against Latin American Nations


Patria Grande, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA) digital publication launched a new website to contribute in the spreading of the truth about the regions nations and their integration.

Patria Grande was originally created as a printed publication and now has a multimedia platform which contains not only news and commentaries on the ALBA member nations, but also videos, research, caricatures from different authors of the continent, among features.

The website's creation coincides with the increase of the media campaign against nations like Venezuela and Cuba, victims of manipulations and distortions from transnational media outlets mainly from the United States and Europe.

Patria Grande is another of the many alternative websites that sees the resistance of the Cuban Revolution and the consolidation of the Bolivarian socialist process as examples of justice and social change for the present and future of Latin America.

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