Commission for a Free Cuba

Julie Webb-Pullman interviews Ricardo Alarcon, 
President of the Cuban National Assembly of Peoples' Power

Tom Crumpacker noted in Upside Down World in 2006 that prior to the publication of George W Bush regime’s Commission For Assistance To Free Cuba, the last time a plan for the subjugation of a sovereign nation was published was in 1924, with the publication of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.
I asked Ricardo Alarcon Quesada, President of the Cuban National Assembly of Peoples’ Power, whether the Obama Administration has indicated any intention to toss this equally-offensive policy onto the scrap-heap.
“He has not given any indication that he is changing the previous policy,” Alarcon replied. “What he promised during the campaign to the Cuban American community was to allow them to freely visit their relatives in Cuba without any limitations, and also to send remittances.”
Alarcon noted that the need for such a promise was founded on the simple fact that the profile of the Cuban-American community in Miami has changed. “Although there is still a powerful minority that controls the media, the local government, law enforcement people...the majority of the Cuban population in Miami are not terrorists, are not violent people, they want to have a normal relationship with their country...That’s why Obama won Miami – the first time a candidate in US politics has won Miami without a programme of a tough hand towards Cuba,” he explained.
However this softer, less rhetorical approach towards travel and remittances has not been matched in other areas. “He has not said anything about the embargo, about the Bush Plan, about the so-called Commission for a Free Cuba – on the contrary the embargo continues to be in place, and since the new administration has been in office they have continued imposing fines, prosecuting people, threatening people who deal with Cuba and so on and so forth. They continue to promote internal subversion inside Cuba sending people to openly promote so-called regime-change, which is the essential of this Mein Kampf, and the Bush Kampf.”