African-South American Summit Urges U.S. to Lift Blockade of Cuba

More than 60 countries from Africa and South America participating in the 2nd African-South American Summit urged the United States to lift the economic blockade of Cuba as demanded by several UN resolutions on the issue.

The Summit, held in Margarita Island, Venezuela, demanded Washington to abolish all of its regulations and measures that do not comply with international law, such as the Helms-Burton law, reported Prensa Latina news agency.

The document was based on all resolutions passed by the UN General Assembly since 1992 and by other international bodies, as well as on the will of the heads of state and government that met in Margarita Island.

It also took into account principles of sovereign equality, of non-intervention on other countries’ domestic affairs and the freedom of trade established in several international legal instruments.

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