Mariela Castro’s Hopes for Cuba

Recognized for her work in defense of gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals, Mariela Castro Espín advocates a form of socialism that is more just, dialectical, inclusive, and especially, participative.

Castro Espín, 46, is the director of the National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX) and the principal initiator of a resolution approved in mid-2008 for performing sex change operations within the Cuban state health care system.

“Participation could be the key of socialism in the 21st century,” says Mariela, who is the daughter of Cuban President Raul Castro, and the late Vilma Espin (who died in 2007), a fighter for the rights of the women and sexual minorities who was one of the historic leaders of the Cuban Revolution.

In a conversation with IPS, Mariela talked about moments that have led her to where she is today, as well as the topic of socialist participation and the hopes of Cuba if the US blockade is lifted.

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